From conception to validation — How I came up with a side project idea, and sold 20+ AI Generated Art pieces to validate it.

Last year I started working on an AI Art Generator app called NightCafe Creator. This is the story of how I came up with the idea, decided it was worth working on, and validated the concept. All without building an actual app.

Mid last year, my girlfriend and I had a house guest who commented that our walls looked a bit bare. It’s not something we’d really noticed before, but once it was mentioned, we realised they were right — we needed some art. I thought finding some interesting art online would be a pretty quick, easy process, but I soon found that the sheer volume of available art turned me into a critic and I couldn’t find a piece that had meaning to me.

Some pieces from my first round of artworks.
One of the original samples, hanging in our lounge room in Sydney.

Founder at NightCafe Studio, COO at BrainBlocks